Could you imagine if a simple question could make you rethink everything you’ve ever traded for the past 20 years?

Could you imagine if a simple question could make you rethink everything
Could you imagine if a simple question could make you rethink everything you’ve ever traded for the past 20 years?
Could you imagine if a simple question could make you rethink everything you’ve ever traded for the past 20 years?

Let me ask you a question – one I just got asked myself…

Could you imagine if a simple question could make you rethink everything you’ve ever traded for the past 20 years? Have you ever felt stressed, when making an investment decision? Fair enough too – remember writing that deposit cheque out when you bought a property? Maybe a small bead of sweat as you signed it. Or perhaps when you placed your first trade. Online and clicked the “Place Order” button and your heart started to beat a bit faster!

These are normal responses and typical of how most of us feel when we make a decision and especially one that is about money.

Has this sort of nervousness ever kept you awake at night, or perhaps made you second guess yourself?

Quite often when I am talking to newbies or even more experienced investors. They tell the same story of back tracking and rethinking their decision. Maybe changing their mind, or just simply getting stressed about whether it is going to go up or not. After all, we all know how it feels when you take a loss in the market. It can hurt, bruise your ego, dent your confidence or worse, set you on a path to try and get even with the stock. Because, now it owes you money, right?

So is this typical emotional roller coaster something that can be fixed?

In a word, yes, of course! However, is it quite as easy as that? Well last week we ran a ridiculous promotion for our Mindset Mastery program – giving it away as a bonus for a limited number of new clients. Based on some of the feedback, we know you are all enjoying the course.

But is there a different way, rather than doing a mindset course. To get the expert, rock solid discipline and emotional Zen that comes with being an expert trader? Indeed there is – but there is a catch – the first time I heard about this, I laughed it off, but let me tell you something, I don’t laugh at it anymore!

When I first got told about this I laughed it off – dismissed it without a second thought… BIG MISTAKE!

Over the years, so many people have “pitched” me on just about every strategy out there. Some are good, others foolish and some simply don’t stand the test of time. Then there are the automated systems – the ones that get you in and out without you needing to do anything. They all sound great, BUT….

When I got pitched on this, I politely said thanks, but no thanks. That was before one simple question changed my entire perception of trading.

If you knew 20 years ago, what you know now, would you have done anything differently?

Of course the answer was yes – as I am sure it would be for you too. However, none of us have a time machine, hey! But this approach to trading strategy was like having a time machine – and trust me when I say, I really took the time for a proper look at it!

Have you ever had 3 hours fly past in what seemed like 15 minutes?

Because that is exactly how this presentation felt! I reckon I took 12 pages of notes as we dug deeper into what will become the new norm for trading. The great thing is that there is an opportunity to access what will become the new norm, right now.

Imagine if the Mythbusters were sitting in your boardroom and proving their point!

That is exactly how it seemed. All the complex stuff was broken down into baby steps that were very simple to grasp and apply. How to design, develop, build, back test, pace forward and test drive on live data, your very own trading strategy.

Better yet the results were spat out right there and then. Now at this point, I was still just a bit sceptical, after all, we have all been there and done that, when it comes to back testing, right?

So my man then showed me the “pace forward”. This blew me away as I could see on real live data, without any tricks making things fit, exactly how the strategy that took just 20 minutes for me to build performed.

Maybe beginners luck, but from scratch I created my own auto-trader in just 20 minutes, and it worked!

Not content with this, we started again; a different system – this time for Forex and on just one currency pair; different time frames and different indicators. This time, things didn’t pan out quite so well, at least straight away. However, with a couple of tweaks and some input from the man, the system was a “bell ringer”!

You see, I had the opportunity to re-test it and without risking a cent – bit like playing in the sand pit – a safe environment to test things out.  What’s more, I could really test this one over all sorts of time frames and market conditions.

So we then shared it with a small and exclusive group of our Clients

We spent a whole day with them, starting at the ground floor, showing them, helping them, developing and testing with them exactly how to build their own Auto-Trader; Something that automatically takes each and every trade for them, executing the trading plan perfectly, each and every time.

As the Man says, “If you can describe the strategy you want, it can be built”

Here is just some of the feedback from the Live Auto-Trader Workshop

“10/10 cannot wait to use it” Vinnie V Melbourne 2012

“Initially I was not really interested, within a few hours I was hooked” Paul M Gold Coast 2012

“Excellent! This opened my eyes to an unknown work and got me really excited. I’ll definitely want to make this a component of my trading” Geert V Melbourne 2012

“I was wondering how you were going to keep us all in the room for the whole day – BUT what can I say – I’m hooked!! Just before morning break it really clicked for me, especially when you started to consider the possibilities and different scenarios that the program could be used for and also your imagination as the sky is the limit!” Fran P Melbourne 2012

Imagine if you had been a fly on the wall for that training session – how much money could you have made by now?

Here’s the thing – the strategies developed on that day have stood the test of time – why? Because they were built properly and thoroughly tested. What’s more we are looking to round out this year with an opportunity for you to be able to access the same information and get your plan fired up and working for 2015.

The way markets have been moving, there is a ton of opportunity out there. The big problem is that so many people don’t know how to profit from opportunity.

I have called in a massive favour and The Man has agreed to “open up the books” for the last time this year

For one day only, he will be hosting a full day workshop of live and totally interactive training on building our own Auto-Trading strategy.

You will see exactly how to build YOUR plan or leverage off of the group. That’s a life skill that you can take away and have the potential to have learned once, and perhaps could live off for a lifetime.

What’s more, you will enjoy the opportunity to see exactly how you can plug your strategy into your trading platform and not have to lift a finger to place trades going forward.

There is a whole lot more that you will enjoy on the day – that is, of course, if you are there!

Be quick as there is a very tight limit on seats – because the last time we opened this course up, it was a full house. To find out dates, and further details CLICK HERE

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