Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Free course

Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Free course

How to make money, for real!

How to make money, for real!

Australian Investment Education

How to make money for real


Three weeks ago, my article “How to avoid paralysis and trade the here and now – 3 Reasons why BHP right now” generated quite a flurry of emails and comments through to the office. Some liked the trade, others didn’t – instead not liking the market at the moment – truth be known a number of the group that didn’t like the market at the moment, generally never like much. There are always more excuses not to, in the world of the half empty glass.

Writing as trades unfold

Writing about trades live, as they are unfolding, I personally enjoy because effectively you are putting your head on the block, for all to see exactly how it will perform, not least the thousands who receive this weekly!

Most educators shun away from this, instead, recalling past trades that worked nicely. I guess this is yet another difference between AIE and most educators. We are all about taking action and being in the market, not talking about theory or practise.

My cash on the line

As for putting my head on the block – I also had my cash on the line – as did a large number of our clients. Today, we closed the position early, realising a gross profit of 3% over 21 days*.

Now of course, we all know that trading involves risk and past performances are no guarantees of future performance – in fact the original article 3 weeks ago very specifically looked at risk vs return. So 3%, not huge, but simply the process working, as it should and a welcome addition to many Superannuation Funds and other accounts. Congratulations guys!

The Process

Ultimately, trading is about running your process, nothing more. Effectively, you are looking to execute your trading plan, perfectly, each and every time. Irrespective of whether the trade is a profit or loss, following your plan is key.

This was a profit – a gross 3% in 21 days* is a pretty solid return in anyone’s book, particularly given the low risk level on the trade. By comparison, that is 12 months interest at the bank, or possibly close to the net annual yield on the typical investment property.

Were you on this trade?

While many clients were on this trade, were you?

However, more than any single thing, what this illustrated to me, is that many things are possible in 21 days. As humans, we tend to over estimate what we can do in a day, and underestimate what we can do in a month. As a result, the creative juices are flowing and we are currently building something big – something that you will want to be a part of, if you are struggling to get some sort of traction on your trading and investing or if you simply want help to get going.

Live Events

This will be live and will focus, as the title of this article suggests – “How to make money for real” – No BS, No excuses and no risk on your part. Sound like something you would want to be a part of?

I am guessing yes?

To be on our priority list for an opportunity to participate in this, register here

* Customer Caution Notice
The past performance of this product is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. This product, like all other financial products, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect its future performance. The Gross return mentioned above does not include fee’s or charges which vary in any trading scenario. Assessing the suitability of this product should not be based solely on this information.
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