Why are some people on the outside looking in?

Why are some people on the outside looking in?

Why are some people on the outside looking in? This week I have been fortunate enough to spend time in Italy, and took my wife to Venice. Without question a truly spectacular city in every sense. From the almost movie set feel of the Grand Canal to the grandeur of the Basilica.

One of my to do’s was to have an Espresso, while watching the world go by, at the world famous Cafe Florian in St Mark’s Square. With its own orchestra in full swing. Starched white jackets on the wait staff and a history that dates back to 1720, it was a great experience. Particularly as the afternoon moved to evening and espresso shifted gears to Negronis!


Isn’t it time to stop watching and start?

An observation that struck me was during this time. The volume of people that stopped to look and watch what was going on. Some took photos, while others just watched, missing the whole experience – sitting there and being in the moment. Why would you miss out on the experience?

Cost is obviously one reason (although with recently banked profits on Fortescue Metals Group (ASX:FMG) and Worleyparsons Limited (ASX:WOR) in the bag. Venice is well and truly taken care of) and I am sure that it would rank up there as punchy, in a City which has totally mastered cash extraction, but on a deeper level. That seems to be what so many people do. They stand on the sidelines watching and wishing, not doing. But like watching a game of football. The only people that get paid are those on the field, not the watchers.

Trading is no different. You have to be in the market in order to have the experience, not watching from the sidelines. Yet so many people watch, commentate, analyse but never do. Of course there are many reasons behind that. Fear of loss, lack of confidence or perhaps no knowledge or idea in terms of where or how to start, which brings me to another experience this week.

Avoiding the pain of not knowing what to do yourself

A day or so later, heading to Tuscany, we got off the Autostrada, onto some country lanes, and decided to get some lunch at the next town we came to. It turned out to be a tiny place called Malalbergo and I don’t think too many Non-Malalbergians have been there!

They spoke no English, my Italian is below average and there were no menus. However, sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and go with what feels right. The host – a spitting image of Tony Soprano, in size and looks, smiled and we sat down to await our fate. Looking at the kitchen – the whole restaurant was probably only 4×8 metres, it was clear the Chef knew what he was doing and sometimes you have to let the reins go a bit and let the experts do what they do best.

After eating our body weight of delicious local produce, we knew we had made the right decision – to work with pros in this case in the kitchen. Some Photos with Mr Soprano and we were on our way.

So how does this relate to you?

If you aren’t sure about investing, the market, trading, options etc taking that leap of faith especially when you don’t necessarily speak that language – options for example – is tough. However, leveraging off the expertise of others is a lot easier. Our trading team know their way around the options kitchen and they can help you sit back – still have control – and enjoy an experience you may not be able to create for yourself.

Why not at least take a couple of minutes and talk to us. And see how we can help you toward your goals. Click Here prego!

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