Playing Through to the Final Whistle

You’ve probably heard this expression used by your junior soccer or rugby coach before – play to the final whistle. As simple and as trivial as it may seem, it really does hold stupendous importance in our adult lives as we look to set ourselves up for the new year.  Think about it, we’re now in December where the Christmas parties start, your in-laws have flown into town and Christmas is only just around the corner – an easy excuse to take your foot off the gas and kick back, leaving December as a complete write-off, right? As a professional trader, business owner, and CEO of 27 years, I’m here to tell you the exact opposite. I’m a huge advocate for taking some time off work over Christmas to relax and give yourself a break (with now 5 kids, I’m not sure I’ll get any of that), however, make sure that ‘break’ is only confined to your time off work – anything leading into that should be business as usual. Let’s face it, most people start to kick back and take it easy in late November/early December whilst they’re still fronting up at the office each day – in reality, this is the time where you can put your head down to get ahead for the year-end. If your colleagues are slacking off, this could be the time where you demonstrate to your boss just how committed you are, or to your clients just how much you care – ultimately, a great time to set yourself apart from the others and develop a killer mindset along the way.

I’ve spent years coaching and educating people on their trading and financial goal setting; thus, I’ve developed a system to help everyday Australians achieve exactly that called ‘Winning the Game’. My Winning the Game system is built upon turning your daily goals, into weekly goals, in quarterly into annual goals – chunking things down to keep your focus specific and relevant (even during December!), allowing you to stay on track for your most audacious dreams and creating an achievement mindset around getting there. To see what I’m talking about, head over to the following link to check it out – http://winningthegame.co. One thing I’m even looking at extending to our client base here at Australian Investment Education is a New Year 2022 kick-starter program based on this exact curriculum. For our clients, we want to ensure that 2022 is their best year of trading yet, and being able to help set them up early on in January is a real passion of mine.

From a trading perspective, December is often a time where I’ll start to unwind a lot of my positions and become more hands-off with my trading. This doesn’t mean stop trading, it just means being a little more passive in my approach so that the wheels remain turning even when I’m spending more time with my kids and wife at home. At Australian Investment Education, one thing we teach is a strategy called Cash Flow on Demand. Cash Flow on Demand is a great way to generate an up-front income from the stock market whilst being mostly hands-off, something enjoyed by our members over such times given a lot of them only spend around 30mins to 1 hour a week doing this. If you or anyone else would like to see how this all comes to fruition, jump into one of my webinars at the following link: http://bit.ly/aie-mjb to see what the fuss is all about.

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