You should be here!!! You really should be…

You should be here!!! You really should be...

You should be here!!! You really should be: Ok, so it seems wherever you look on social media these days there are people with the blue banner yelling this at you. The latest multi-level marketing pitch is all about lifestyle, best get in quick!

As someone that travels a bit – just a lazy 10,000 Km’s in the past 3 days, I’ve had the opportunity to share a very straightforward message regarding cash flow generation with a great group this week.

Interestingly, one of the attendees had seen this presentation back in November at another event. He had joined, stepped off the program and then came back to us this week. Human nature is a funny thing – second guessing decisions and then falling back into old behaviour;, that in some cases are largely responsible for the financial predicament that people find themselves in. Being comfortable feels like playing it safe. However, as we all know, growth only happens when you step out of your comfort zone – across all areas of life!

So far this year…

After the event we sat down and ran through the opportunity cost of his previous indecision – stepping off the program at the end of November. Our closed trades since the start of the year are illustrated below, on a gross basis.

  • Wesfarmers 3.24%
  • Macquarie Group 4.80%
  • AMP 4.78%
  • Toll Holding 45.92%
  • Amcor 1.80%
  • QBE 5.53%
  • Commonwealth Bank 3.28%
  • Brambles 3.80%

Ok so past performance is no guarantee of future performance – we all know that. However, sitting on the sidelines and watching, not participating does have a guaranteed outcome that is, you make nothing, right?

So let me ask you something…

Are you interested in having the opportunity to generate more cashflow?

If you are, great, but interested is all about gathering information. To actually have the potential for more cashflow you need to be committed.

We don’t need much commitment from you as our service is increasingly becoming a “done for you” type product.

The only commitment we need from you right now is to click this button and pop your details in the box.

In reality, and especially looking at those trades above, you really should be here…


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