So did you manage to “nab” some profits this week?

Don't be late to the party
Don’t be late to the party

Apologies for the play on words – couldn’t help myself 5.10am at the airport and mulling over the week’s trading! That said and in all sincerity did you get your piece of the action this week with ANZ and NAB. Both announcing chunky profits and an outlook takes us right back to the halcyon days of pre GFC??


A couple of months back – 14th of August in fact – I wrote an article on CBA outlining why the banks were making big profit and I hope that you took heed and filled your boots. It is amazing how many people are out there that are still yet to fully commit to the notion. That this market is running up and they need to be on it.

2014 a make or break year

Last night my fiancé and I were at an event/launch. For some bespoke luxury stuff – don’t you just love being the accessory. That was brought along – perhaps as the “treasury function” complete with your own. Little goody bag at the end! As always there were a number of others in a similar situation. And they are great for a chat between waves of canapés.

What staggered me was the massive difference of opinion between those that were in. And those that were out of the market. Perhaps coincidently, those that were buying last night were also those that were in, not out of the market. Those not buying, looked on with what I would suggest was a tinge of envy. Last week, we wrote of 2014 being a make or break year for people. And this is exactly what we meant.

Those in the market are enjoying great profits. With 40% plus gains in many stocks, plus a nicely enhanced dividend. As further reward for stepping up and taking action. I have always believed that life and markets only reward action takers and this is a pretty clear example. Those in were buyers of the view that the next 18 months brings opportunity, albeit at some point the music will stop.

Now in contrast, the “let’s watch and miss it” folk, seemed of the view that the GFC was still dominating the world, China was already collapsed in a heap and this post election economic jolt was all very unexpected and unsustainable. My, does misery love company!

Don’t be Late

I am reminded of the same thing that I saw in March 2000, when finally some of the “let’s watch and miss it” folk eventually got themselves into the technology sector, well and truly too late and after the party had finished – latecomers who arrived just in time to enjoy some stale crackers, remnants of a dip, the last beer in the Eskie and really, only came just in time to switch off the lights and close the door.

Here is the difference, this party is not stopping any time soon and everyone at it, is having a great time. The only people who aren’t having such a good time are the neighbours – interestingly, they did get an invite but chose to stay at home instead – and the music is pumping! Here is my advice – Stop looking out the window waiting for it to end, or for someone to turn the music down. Instead, get out on the dance floor and some fun!!

Something we’ve never done before

So here is my gift to you. In a week or so, our team will be launching a fantastic offer – one that if you have even the slightest, most remote interest in making money, you are going to want to be a part of. If you are the “wait and watch” guy, right now, this will be the very thing you have been waiting for, so don’t miss it.

Be warned, the music is about to get turned up to full blast. Your personal invitation is coming, so don’t chose to ignore it, unless you want to be at home alone, trying to get to sleep while listening to all the laughter, fun, music and profits coming from the biggest party of the year.

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