Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

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Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Free course

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Australian Banks Shares 2014 – Forecast

Laughing all the way ‘with’ the Banks in 2014! 2013 has been a standout year for the Big 4 Australian Banks. The financial sector as a whole added a further 19.14% year to date on top of last year’s 21.7% capital gain (before dividends). These types of gains are reminiscent of bull market and booming […]

Outrageous Predictions 2014 – The Rise and Rise of ETFs

There is a new method of investing in the stock market, reducing the Risk associated with direct company investment, and providing easy access to global markets, sectors and commodities. It is Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs. But they have been around for more than 20 years! An Exchange Traded Fund is an investment fund traded […]

Australia is not shut down – we are open for business!

Dominating the headlines over the past week has been the US shutdown – where federal workers have been told to stay at home – effectively on unpaid leave. The reason for this – since the end of the US financial year (30th Sept) a new budget for 2013/14 has yet to be approved and hence […]

CBA +47.23% gross Profit in 28 days using a Bear Call Spread Strategy

This Trade recommendation for Commonwealth Bank of Australian (ASX:CBA) +47.23% gross Profit in 28 days using a Bear Call Spread Option Strategy [jw_player file=”http://6555c5ff41a20cf4fba0-908650a199e3b7e94010dc2ac7911a50.r92.cf1.rackcdn.com/CBA_BearCall_270813.mp4″ image=”http://68ae6e408499dfc2c6e1-40cecf3cbedb61f0342f8d4c5cb58fad.r33.cf1.rackcdn.com/CBA_Exit_240913.png” height=”330″ width=”590″ autoplay=”false”] Click Here To Receive Free Trade Recommendations We entered a Bear Call spread on CBA on 27th Aug, selling into strength, as we expected to see CBA […]

Where next for the Australian Dollar?

The past couple of weeks have seen some interesting moves in the Australian/US currency pair (AUD/USD) – first the sell off, then the bounce – what does all of this really mean for you? Australian Dollar – The key factors Interest rates in Australia have been cut pretty harshly by the RBA over the past […]

Have you made your $2.17m yet? – Cost of Living in Australia

Apparently, this is the average cost of living for an Australian from the Cradle to the Grave according to an article I read on news.com.au. I quote “Using ABS research and economic analysis, the figure estimates just how much money goes into keeping us happy and healthy for our average life expectancy, which is nearing […]

Rule Britannia, it’s all on the crest of a wave – but why?

Greetings from the UK!  This week I have been in the UK for some family matters and it has been quite interesting to observe how much the wheel has turned here.  Three visits in 6 months or so and things in the motherland have changed considerably. Without stirring the pot, a sunny English Summer, buoyed […]

Asylum Seekers or lunatics taking over the asylum? – Look at your petrol bill, if you really want to go nuts!

Being a Friday morning, looking forward to the weekend and listening to some funky Friday music, the very useful light that tells you to fill your car with fuel came on. How on earth would we manage without being so “nannied”, I often wonder? $175 later, my Friday morning continued on. But hang on, lets […]

The Carbon Tax – when is a tax, not a tax??

According to the official figures, the Carbon Tax has added about 0.4% to the cost of living for the typical household. Doesn’t sound much, at 0.4% but lets take a deeper look at what that means in reality. Referring to a report on electricity prices from the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, over the […]

Make hay while the sun shines – Calendar Spreads and US Markets Opportunities

US Federal Reserve The US Federal Reserve are likely to continue their policy of stimulus, providing markets with a lift this week. Grass root/green shoot signs of improvement are there, but not yet at the level wanted by the Fed. Housing starts, for example, climbed by 6.8%, albeit a lower level than expected, but still […]