Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

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Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Free course

Who really wants to live in a world that is homogenised and beige?

Greetings from Barcelona! I haven’t been here since my parents brought me. Almost 30 years ago and so much has changed. But much remains true to its rich heritage, part of which is also responsible for Spain’s economic woes. In some instances the working day is around 9.30am till 1.00pm, with a couple of hours […]

Australian Household debt is out of control. And it is your Retirement that will suffer!

Do you feel like you are living in debt? Finding it hard to get ahead? Australia leads the world in household debt with debt to income figures. Worse now than before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008. In fact, household debt is at its highest level on record! In my normal daily routine of […]

How to avoid the danger of getting caught up in the media’s B.S. and separate fact from fiction so you can start generating income on demand

Greetings from a rather chilly Chicago! A decidedly pleasant 5 degrees and slightly warmer than my visit in January!!! The profits have flowed from that research – our clients have been banking profits – have you? Since then we have been able to bank a profit, for our active clients. And I hope you too […]

Chinese Economic Outlook 2014 – Breaking through the Great Wall?

Throughout last year, many of the naysayers were suggesting that China was about to implode – something that has yet to materialise and to be honest is unlikely to, next year either. As the world’s second largest economy rolls forward. China’s growth has slowed down in recent years – with forecasts around the 7 to […]

US Economic Outlook 2014 – pick your side of the fence!

Continuing our Outrageous market predictions with the US Economic Outlook 2014 President Harry Truman once stated “Give me a one handed economist … All my Economists say ‘on the one hand, on the other’”. Nearly 5 years after the GFC (Global Financial Crisis), the US economy has failed to improve to a level that reflects […]

Australian Economic Outlook 2014

Our most anticipated outrageous predictions; the Australian Economic Outlook 2014. There is no question that 2013 has been a year of contrasts. Changes and a great platform from which to build into 2014. As such, our forecast for 2014 is far more optimistic than at this point last year. Generally speaking, there is a higher […]

Where next for the Australian Dollar?

The past couple of weeks have seen some interesting moves in the Australian/US currency pair (AUD/USD) – first the sell off, then the bounce – what does all of this really mean for you? Australian Dollar – The key factors Interest rates in Australia have been cut pretty harshly by the RBA over the past […]

Cash is King! Or is it??

Where did all my interest go – and where can I find yield? Once again, the market has provided a great deal of information without really saying a lot. Is that an old Chinese Proverb – like “he who says nothing says everything?” No – not really – what I am referring to is what […]

All eyes on the Australian Dollar

The weakening in the Australian dollar seen over the past few weeks has no doubt come as a welcome respite for what remains of the Australian manufacturing sector, establishing what is likely to be a sustained new trading range, for the time being. Australian Dollar and Interest Rates While the Reserve Bank of Australia, yesterday, […]

1045 Pips of Profit – so when the RBA meets to discuss interest rates

1045 Pips of profit – so when the RBA meets to discuss interest rates…Most people – those with a mortgage – swiftly calculate that this means a few dollars saved off their monthly repayments.  This always reminds me of the expression that a saving is as good as a profit! However, saving a few bucks […]