Trader of the Month – April 2018

Well, another month and more success, against a background of choppy market conditions. And this month’s Trader Of The Month nomination is a great example of taking action steps. And following the process, with this lady joining us in October last year.

This is a great example of just how important taking action really is and highlights the Power Of Momentum, ironically the name of the event where we met! A Huge Congratulations to Georgie Orchard, our Trader of The Month April 2018.

From: “Georgie Orchard” <georgie@xxxxxxx>
Sent: Wednesday, 2 May 2018, 11:52 AM
To: Australian Investment Education
Subject: Re: Trader Of The Month – Reminder

Dear Andrew and Team

this month I traded WPL woodside
I bought 3000 shares at $28.99 on the 12 March 2018 and Sold 1 May 2018 at 32.20 making a profit of $9,709

Please let me know what extra details do you need?

Kind regards

Georgie Orchard

I think $9709 of profit speaks for itself so wherever you are and what ever you are doing, make sure you lock in on one thing. You dont get paid for what you know, you get paid for what you do!

Big Congratulations to Georgie Orchard who is our Trader of The Month Winner for April 2018, great work and truly well deserved!

Now, guys, what what about you??

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