Trader of the Month – August 2017

Here is another great example of the importance that building confidence in your process. And when it comes to making money as a trader. The back story here is great – Still, Sometimes it is hard to know what to share and what not to. Please join me in congratulating Heather on her award as this month’s trader of the month – great work Heather McGeachin on being our Trader of The Month August 2017.

Like many that choose to tackle the markets. Building up the confidence to squeeze the trigger at the right time and hold off at other times is key. Heather has been consistently tackling this decision making process. And facing all the challenges that come with it and has emerged through to the other side – VERY VERY proud of her and the progress she has made to date and will continue to make.

She stepped up, faced her fears and did it anyway, and that is exactly what this Award is all about. Helping to inspire our community of traders, new and old alike, to keep grinding it out and owning their future. Heather made a 7.58% profit in just 8 days through one of her own trades, Cochlear.

To: Andrew Baxter
Subject: Trader of the month

Hi Andrew,
You know how reluctant I am at nominating myself for Trader Of The Month, as I never felt good enough nor felt that I deserved it. This month however has been a great one for me not only successful trades but mainly for my confidence in knowing that I can do it. It is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

So this was my success this month:-without help LOL
Cochlear stock only (COH)
Bought 9/8/17 for $141.50
Sold 17/8/17 for $152.22
Profit of 7.58% in 8 days

Thanks for your ongoing support and belief in me. And which I lost in myself, and was starting to believe that this just isn’t for me. My self-belief is starting to grow, let’s hope I can keep it up.

Thanks, Andrew

Heather McGeachin

Big or small, first or thousandth trade, it doesn’t matter – what matters is that you are doing it and we truly respect that.

Indeed, Big Congratulations to Heather, who has secured her place in our Trader of the Year Competition. Also, which will be drawn live. And at this year’s Trading and Investing Summit. What about you??

In fact, Don’t hold back – nominate your entry for September as you close out of your trades, by emailing your results and back story to the team through


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