Trader of the Month – February 2018

This is a terrific example we can all learn from when it comes to blasting through obstacles. And juggling time and simply getting the job done! This month’s Trader Of The Month nomination is yet another great example of taking the time and putting in the effort to get the results.

As a busy mother of two, juggling kids and still making the time to learn, grow and make money, please join me in congratulating Danielle Morris, Our Trader of the Month February 2018.

From: “Danielle Morris”
Subject: Trader of the Month
Date: Wednesday, 7 March 2018 1:14 PM
To: <info@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au>

Hi Andrew

I would like to submit one of my recent trades for trader of the month.

I purchased ETSY on the 12th Feb at $18.55 and then sold it on 28th Feb for $25.68 making me a return of 38%.

This would be my biggest % return so far and I know these kind of returns are very rare.

See you Monday.


Yes, as Danielle acknowledges, this is a big one and they won’t all be like this. But if you never start, none of them will ever be like this, so get stuck in, get focused, do the work and enjoy the results.

Having recently completed our Advanced Options program, even more doors are now open to her and her trading and I am sure there will be plenty more winners to come!

Now, what what about you??

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