Trader of the Month – June 2017

This is a terrific story of someone regularly doing the work behind the scenes.

Trader of the Month – June 2017: It is with great pleasure that we ask you to join us in congratulating Mia Tedjo. On winning our Trader of the Month Nomination for June 2017. This competition is all about encouragement and recognising those that are out there doing it. For real, with their own money and based on what they have been taught.

Moreover, Mia has been with us for about 18 months. And has been exploring some higher income opportunities with Cashflow on Demand. And this particular trade has so far netted her 3.08% last month and by not being exercised, Still,  she has now been able to resell calls again and collect even more income this month.

Furthermore, One of the key benefits of Cashflow On Demand is the potential for generating regular income, month after month and Mia’s trading here, is a perfect example of this. Buy the stock and keep cranking income from it, which in this case could be as much as 4 years interest at the bank in just 2 months!

Trader of the Month June
Trader of the Month June

From: Mia T
Subject: Re: AMD Trade expiring Jun 30
Date: 4 July 2017 12:38:31 am AEST
To: Andrew Baxter

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for confirming my understanding about this options trade.

As per this afternoon classroom, I have put the resell order for AMD at strike price USD13 @ Jul28’17 limit order at USD0.65.

The first time you mention in the trade advice for this stock that it has a high IV – this stock is not for everyone and due to the fact that this is a US stock I thought I wasn’t able to trade it within my AU investment account. I thought it was ‘too late’ when i placed the stock at first (it was 2 days after the trade was recommended). But after talking to you, you helped me in placing the trade and assured me that I can trade both in US and AU markets through the same account.

In Addition, 9th June: BUY Jun30’17 13.5 call – earning USD39 which turned out to about 3.08% of the investment. Now, i resold calls to receive more premium income 🙂 Can’t wait to see the earnings in the account at the end of this month and writing more options.

Indeed, Thank you for your guidance. You always have the passion and patient for all of us who are under your wings.

Looking forward to the Bootcamp.

Thanks, Andrew.

Big or small, first or thousandth trade, it doesn’t matter – what matters is that you are doing it and we truly respect that.

Indeed, Big Congratulations to Mia Tedjo. who secured his place in our Trader of the Year Competition. Also, which will be drawn live. Then, at this year’s Trading and Investing Summit. How about you – why not have a crack at becoming our Trader of The Month?

Don’t hold back – nominate your entry as you close out of your trades. And by emailing your results and back story through to the team through support@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au

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