Trader of the Month – March 2018

Trader of the Month – March 2018: This is another great story and gives me great pleasure to share this with you. This month’s Trader Of The Month nomination is yet another great example of taking the time and putting in the effort to get the results.

Hannah is a wonderful lady from the USA. We spoke many months ago and had plenty of questions to address before she made the decision to join. And since she made that decision, she has held her end up of the deal and applied everything and more I have taught. Please join me in congratulating Hannah Schwartz, Our Trader of the Month March 2018.

From: “hannah S” <xxxxxx@yahoo.com>
Date: Saturday, 7 April 2018 12:29 AM
To: support@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au
Subject: Trader of the Month Submission

Hi Andrew and the Gang at AIE:

After completing the Cashflow on Demand course and attending the Trading Summit late last year, I have been focused on these two strategies in 2018:

1. Executing buy/writes

2. Selling covered calls on my long positions

my first 2018 buy/write was for Seagate Technology (STX). On 21 Feb I purchased 100 shares at $51.83 and sold one March 2018 call option (55 strike). Upon expiration the shares were called away for a 7.31% gain.

Hannah is also revising and tailoring the Cashflow On Demand Strategy to really suit her view on stocks, enabling her to get more growth from some of her longer term holdings and this is great and confident innovation on her part!

Congratulations again, Hannah, very well deserved and more to come!

Now, what what about you??

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