Trader of the Month – May 2017

Trader of the Month – May 2017: PLEASE SIT DOWN AND READ THIS. It is why I do what I do and when I hear this sort of thing it blows me away and should you, too…

It is with great pleasure that we ask you to join us in congratulating Baheer Komak on winning our Trader of the Month Nomination For May 2017. This competition is all about encouragement and recognising those that are out there doing it, for real. And with their own money and based on what they have been taught. This is a story that should inspire you – if it doesn’t best make sure you check you still have a pulse!!

Baz is a client and someone over recent months. I would consider a friend – he has really picked up the ball and run with it. Baz is pretty modest and also extremely humble – he and I regularly speak and discuss trades – he listens and more importantly actually does. That said, despite being up around 39% for the year. He isn’t resting on his laurels.

In fact, the journey for him is about to get a whole lot more interesting. His recently closed out trade on MU for a 3 week profit of 4% is one of several and he is about to embark. On what I know will be a great life experience for him, as he takes his trading around the World.

This is exactly what this is about – persistence. And following the plan and growing to the point where Cashflow On Demand can really become an income replacer.

Trader of the Month May Results
Trader of the Month May Results

Big or small, first or thousandth trade, it doesn’t matter – what matters is that you are doing it and we truly respect that.

Indeed, Big Congratulations to Baheer, who has secured his place in our Trader of the Year Competition. Which will be drawn live, at this year’s Trading and Investing Summit. What about you??

Don’t hold back – nominate your entry as you close out of your trades. Also, by emailing your results and back story through to the team through


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