Trader of the Month – April 2019

This month’s Trader of The Month award has hit me right between the eyes like a Mack Truck.

I remember meeting these guys at our initial preview in Adelaide and discussing their situation and how we might be able to help them. Bottom line is a massive respect to these guys for not buying into the story of excuses and stepping up to the plate.

Trust me when we say that joining us was not an easy thing for these guys, financially or otherwise. However, they bust through the typical excuses and made it happen and my respect for them is immense.

In life you can make excuses or you can make money, but not both. They have regularly leaned on our support service and have digested the online program, and applied what they have learned.

It’s all in the process.

From: Peter Noble <peter@xxxxxxx.com.au>
Sent: Tuesday, 30 April 2019 6:08PM
To: support@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au
Subject: RE: Trader of the Month Nomination (Again)

Hi Team,

We wanted to add another one of our trades for this month!

As mentioned below, we are starting off with a very limited amount of money to trade with, so we’ve had to alter our trading plan to be able to build up our cash reserves so we can effectively trade options down the track.

We have still been able to apply what we’ve learnt through the course to help us and we wouldn’t have been able to make these trades without that knowledge!

Trade 1 (mentioned below in our first nomination):

  • 26th March Bought Assertio Therapeutics stock at $4.89 USD
  • 3rd of April we sold the stock at $5.35 USD
  • 9.4% return in one week!

Trade 2:

  • 17th April bought Megaport stock at $5.38 AUD
  • 30th April sold the stock at $5.71 AUD
  • 6.1% return in 5 working days!

We’ve got another trade in the system which we believe will net us a 25% return in the next day or so, but that might have to be next month’s nomination as it’s not hit our exit price yet!

Thanks again to the team at AIE, we appreciate everyone’s help and knowledge so far!

Regards, Pete & Geri

Miller’s Roofing
M: 0437 4xxxx
E: peter@xxxxxx.com.au

From: Peter Noble <peter@xxxxxxx.com.au>
Sent: Thursday, 4 April 2019 11:59 AM
To: support@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au
Subject: Trader of the Month Nomination

Hi Team,

It’s early in the month, but we want to nominate ourselves for trader of the month; here’s why:

We met Andrew & Mischa in Adelaide late November last year at one of the Cashflow on Demand presentations. At the time we weren’t able to afford the course and bootcamp, but Andrew spent some time with us after the seminar and said he’d still be able to help us join the family some way or another.

We spoke with Mischa and he spent a lot of time going back and forth responding to our questions and looking for a way that we could still get on board with the AIE family, even though we have limited funds available. It’s been a fair journey to get to this position and we can’t thank Andrew, Mischa and everyone (even the accounts team!) enough for all the help they’ve given us to get us started!!

So after all this time, we’ve finally been able to place our first trade!!

  • 26th of March we bought Assertio Therapeutics stock at $4.89 USD
  • The day after we realised that Saxo had a risk rating of 6 against the stock, which meant we weren’t able to trade options! This is something we weren’t aware of, so we felt a little deflated.
  • Not to worry, we had applied what we learnt through the course and we were still confident in the stock
  • 3rd of April we sold the stock at $5.35 USD
  • 9.4% return in one week!

Thanks again to everyone at AIE and we look forward to many more trades and of course, nominations! Once we build up enough money, we will be booking ourselves to attend the Bootcamp and we can’t wait!

Miller’s Roofing
M: 0437 4xxxx
E: peter@xxxxxxing.com.au

Huge respect for these guys and the journey they have started and all of this without even attending a bootcamp!!! We look forward to interviewing you both shortly and hearing more of your success.

So with that in mind, what is stopping you? Stepping out of the comfort zone and giving it a go is hard, but the rewards of taking the right actions outweigh this, and some.

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