Trader of the Month – April 2022

Nev Watts

Well, there’s no question about it, this year has been a bumpy start for many stock market investors and Super Funds, alike.

Markets have been hit with rising inflation, higher interest rates and rapidly slowing consumer confidence, all of which have combined to shave a decent percentage of many portfolios.

But does it have to be that way – and the answer is simply no.

Take this month’s Trader Of The Month. He’s been trading with us for 7 months, and starting from the ground up has built up his knowledge and confidence, as well as his bank balance.

Looking at his performance in April – At a time that many were reaching for the hard hat and getting worked over, 90% of his trades were winners, he took 41 trades and his return vs Risk for the month was a healthy 7.5%.

This is not a one-month phenomenon, because since he started trading live at the end of October, his account is up a very impressive 19.2% NET.  Over the same time, the Nasdaq fell by 20%, S&P500 by 9%, and the ASX200 by around 5%. You can expect similar declines in your managed funds and super.


From: Neville Watts
Subject: Trades for the Month of April
Date: 2 May 2022 at 12:37:07 pm AEST
To: “Trading Desk” <trading@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au>

Hi Guys, </trading@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au>

Another good month of trading, thank you all for the great support & daily content. Since starting my trading with AIE last Oct my total capital has increased 19.2%.

My results for April are as follows:

Win rate 90% | Edge Ratio 11.2 | 41 completed trades

Return on risk for the month was 7.5%

Top 3 by %

  • UVXY Covered Call 65.2%
  • SHL Bull Put 42.9%
  • CBA Bull Call 25.9%

Top 3 by $

  • UVXY Covered Call $3975
  • UVXY Covered Call $2770
  • ILU Covered Call $1741

*Covered Calls is my best performing strategy in $ & % terms.

Biggest Losers % & $ – and the only negative trades for the month

  • LYC Bull Put -38.9% $3095 (total loss on 2 trades in separate accounts)
  • ANZ V8 -11.0% $308 (total loss on 2 trades in separate accounts)

Thanks yet again to the AIE team for providing such a great professional service.


This is yet another example of what can happen when you make the decision to change the game up, get control of your money, and most importantly learn how to manage it properly.

Please join me in congratulating Nev Watts on his well-deserved award as Australian Investment Education Trader of The Month April 2021. Great job buddy, I look forward to seeing where you take this journey next.

Not convinced that learning how to do this for yourself is for you. That’s ok, it’s not for everyone, so if you are thinking that way, one question to perhaps ask yourself is, can you afford to trust someone else to look after your money properly?

Join Nev and the rest of our clients – empowered, skilled, and taking control!

We have a Free LIVE Online Training Workshop happening soon – Register here to learn the same trading strategies!

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