Trader of the Month – August 2019


Here is yet another great example of bridging the confidence gap and making it happen. And I remember meeting and chatting with this man. About cattle farming, of all things, On the Sunshine Coast back in March. Here we are a few months later and check out the results. Indeed, Life is all about taking action, committing. And also following through this guy has done all three in spades!

Great work, Michael!!


From: Michael Mcilrick 
Date: Tuesday, 3 September 2019 at 7:40 am
To: <support@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au>
Subject: Trader of the month nomination

Hi Andrew and AIE Team, 

I would like to nominate myself for the trader of the month for August. 

The online training and strategies learned in boot camp back in June have greatly increased my confidence in both selecting stocks to trade, and manage my risk. In fact, I have traded several stocks and dabbled in a few call options. On the other hand, old Saxo account before the announcement to change over to IB. And in August I have been waiting to open and fund my IB account so have just been trading Australian Stocks using the fundamentals learnt from AIE, and I cannot be happier with the result. 

Trade 1:   NEC:ASX
Entry:    $ 1.84
Exit:       $ 1.95
ROI:       5.98%
Days Held:  15

Trade 2:  WES:ASX
Entry:    $ 38.00
Exit:       $ 39.45
ROI:       3.82%
Days Held:  16

Trade 3:  SUN:ASX
Entry:    $ 13.00
Exit:       $ 13.62 
Dividend   $ 0.44
ROI:       8.15%
Days Held:  21

Trade 4:  SUL:ASX
Entry:    $ 8.60
Exit:       $ 9.20
ROI:       6.98% 
Days Held:  6 

My IB account is now open and funded so I am looking forward to implementing my trading strategies using covered calls. Further, extend my RIO and manage risk. Also, I can’t wait to attend the advanced options course in October. 

Indeed, A big thank you to Andrew and the entire AIE team. Especially, without your training and support I would not be having this kind of success. 

Happy trading everyone. 

Regards Michael  


So please join me in congratulating Michael Mcilrick on being awarded our Trader Of The Month for August 2019.  Well done buddy. And we look forward to hearing more of your success on this journey.

Furthermore, that in mind, what is stopping you? Stepping out of the comfort zone and giving it a go is hard But- Also the rewards of taking the right actions outweigh this, And some.

To your success

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