Trader of the Month – December 2018

Trader of the Month – December 2018: BOOOM! Well, what a great email to start 2019 in terms of Nominations for Trader of the month. And here is one that has set the bar incredibly high!

Furthermore, This gentleman is working closely with me as part of our Sovereign Club. And he is on long-term leave from work while he builds his business up and is also a full time Dad.

Certainly, This is what it’s all about – And taking care of business.

Indeed, Two Trades with outstanding profits of 7.92% and 6.00% for December, respectively, Banked, really are great returns.

From: Asha Walter <asha@xxxx.com>
Sent: Thursday, 17 January 2019 1:31 PM
To: AIE Support Team <support@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au>
Subject: Trader of the Month Nomination – December 2018

Hi Andrew and AIE Team,

I would like to nominate myself as the “Trader of The Month” for December 2018.

Moreover, I have completed a few successful trades over the month of December, with some great results. See below:

Trade 1:

AGL – Long Position (33 Days)
Entry 1: $18.34 Entry 2: $18.49
Exit: $19.87
S/L: $18
Combined ROI: $1.459 (7.92%)

N.B. I had a good view of the stock and decided to take the 2nd position. But then combined the 2 positions, giving the above end result.

Trade 2:

DUG – Long Position (1 Day) DUG is an Oil & Gas UltraShort ETF
Entry: $47.64
Exit: $50.5
S/L: $45.25
ROI: $2.86 (6.00%)

N.B. I had a strong view on oil prices falling when taking this position. So came up with a trading plan and executed it. And a point to note, this ETF went on to close almost $1 higher that day, above my exit price. But who can complain about making 6% in only 1 day! I stuck to my plan!

January is looking to be a killer month already too!

In fact, I have now been involved with AIE and the Cashflow on Demand program for approx. And 4 months, attending Bootcamp in early October 2018. Since then I have applied the skills I have learned and using my trading plans I am continuing to have success, celebrating my losses, and taking my wins.

In Addition, As of January 2019, I will be a stay-at-home Dad for the next 9+ months, looking after my 4 month old baby girl. The Cashflow On Demand program will allow me to make an income while I am off work. And still, enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer.

Indeed, Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Thank you, Andrew and AIE for the skills, and knowledge to take control of my financial future.

Asha Walter
Avid Investor and Proud Father

Guys, please join me in congratulating Asha Walter as our Trader of The Month Winner for December 2018.

Indeed, This guy is a top bloke. And has an incredible story of setbacks in his past, but has never given up, never refused to believe in himself. And is setting his family up for a great future.

Congratulations again, my friend, richly deserved and only just the beginning!

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