Trader of the Month – December 2019

Trader of the Month Dec 2019

What a great way to finish the year, in terms of trader results.

This month is yet another example of committing to a goal and this particular gent has commitment to the extreme.

Having been a client for more than a decade, we have got to know each other very well. He is a man that has faced more challenges than most. Has never wavered in his belief and is reaping the rewards.

There is a huge backstory here – personal setbacks, challenges, regroups but never once have I heard this man be anything less than positive and be looking forward.

Most importantly, he has hit his mark, strategy-wise.

Paul’s experience, we have done a lot of training, and his risk appetite, it would fair to say is higher than most peoples.

As a result, he has developed his plan and is trading it now to great effect.

60% growth over a month is a huge number but is commensurate with the risk profile for Paul. Great work and well done.

Very happy to announce, and please join me in recognising Paul Meese as our Dec 2019 Trader of the Month. Congratulations matey – very well deserved and a testimony to your determination and perseverance.

Trader of the Month Dec 2019

From: Paul Meese
To: “support@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au” 
Subject: Trader of the month

Hi Andrew,

Well after many years of trial and error I think I have finally found a system that is working for me, I have been trading deep in the money spreads and the odd call option, targeting anywhere from 10 to 30% returns over a 40/60 day period.

Below are trades I have close, ironically my 2 x 100% losses were ATM trades (not following my system properly ) and my big gold trade was a straight call option, but all my indicators line up perfectly so I just put 1% of my account on and it worked wonderfully.

It’s a great feeling to see your account go up for a change, 

My start balance on Oct 31st was $4300, deposit extra $1000 last month but I’m currently siting at just over $7950, just a little over 60% growth so far I’m confident now I can make some really good returns moving forward and would expect to double my account this year if not better. 

It just goes to show you have to keep going and never give up, for many years my friends and family told me to give it away but I knew inside it can work, just a matter of finding a system that works for me Money management is obviously a big part to, on any spread trade I will only use up to 10% of account balance and on straight calls only 5% or less, as my account grows I will scale back on the % numbers too.

Here’s hoping for cracking 2020 

Cheers Paul  

Again  – massive congratulations to Paul

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