Trader of the Month – July 2018

Trader of the Month – July 2018: This month’s Trader Of The Month nomination is a great example of pushing past every objection and focusing on the bigger picture and not losing sight of the prize. I remember when I first met this gentleman – we conversed in Spanish!!

At the time he was very unsure – this is not his homeland, English is not his first language, he is young, he was dealing with conflicting advice from family members and he is very busy with his career – lets face it, he had doubts as so many people do, ahead of making a big decision.

But unlike many, Tomas made the decision to move forward anyway, and I am immensely proud of his diligence and follow through since he joined.

From: Tomás Affranchino Vivanco <xxxxx@yyyyy.com>
Date: Friday, 3 August 2018 2:57 PM
To: support@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au
Subject: Trader of the Month

Hi Andrew and team,

Last month I traded the following stocks:

1) AMD: I bought 500 shares at 16.30 and sold call options at 17 (for two weeks in the market). A I received an immediate upfront premium for 5% plus a further 4.3% capital gain which sum up to a total return of 9.3% for just two weeks in the market.

2) ABT: I was already holding the stock (bought 100 shares at 60.70) and had obtained a 2.1% premium, consequently I sold another option (received 1.9%) premium and was exercised at 62. Total return of 6.1% for 6 weeks in the market.

See you on Monday.

Tomás Affranchino Vivanco

Tomas’ trades included 9.3% for two weeks in the market trading AMD and 6.1% over 6 weeks. Trading ABT and these speak volumes to Tomas’ commitment to do the work and get the result.

Felicidades, my friend, well earned title of Trader of the Month July 2018 – congratulations from all of us in the AIE community.

So how about you – we are looking forward to hearing your story. Make sure you nominate yourself for this well earned recognition.

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