Trader of the Month – July 2020

What a wonderful story on all fronts.

In Addition, This month’s trader of the month has been a long term client. Has looking at a lot of different styles of trading. We used to trade Futures together. Back in the day and he has reinvented himself plenty of times and has now locked in. His preferred strategy and is traveling along rather well.

Being a farmer, the drought and fires of last year and early this, weighted heavily. Something many of us City folks can often miss.

However, this guy is not a quitter – quite the reverse. Rather like water, tell him it can’t be done and through his own bloody-mindedness and determination, he will make it happen – what we call grit! I know this for a fact having spent plenty of time in his company, most recently, down in Tasmania for a few days with some of our clients.

Generating Income has never been more important and his results for the month speak volumes – how much volume?

How about $65,550 income for the month?

Trader of the Month - July 2020

Yep, that’s what Glen Girdler generated as income last month and secured his nomination as Trader of The month for July 2020.


From: Glen Girdler
Sent: Friday, August 7, 2020 3:13 PM
To: AIE Help Desk <helpdesk@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au>
Subject: HI AIE team

Hi Andrew It was very good to catch up with you today and also to lean about you new – my trading advisor- site which I have not seen yet, (looking forward to getting into the advanced options)

We spoke today about the long journey I have had going back to the (Future trading days with Halifax ) and of the very long and server drought which has had it’s challengers with water.

Being a rice, cotton and wheat farmer in the Murrumbidgee irrigation area I having come across many types of trading in the agriculture business and now just started using advanced option trading on the stock market in Australia and the US,which I found on the updated AIE members – option video course.

I have done some option trading on covered calls and some study courses with Andrew in the past but did not go any feather with it until now.

By just going over the option video and notes I did with Andrew study courses some time ago I started putting some Bull put spreads trades on and now up 16% for the mouth of trading (8/7/202 to the 8/8/2020)

I hear that this is a fair result for some one that is starting out, as with more guidance with the new advance options advisor site and the AIE team I sure we will do better.

Cheers Glen & Olga Girdler

In these times of unprecedented economic uncertainty, it has never been more important to have a plan B. Glenn has witnessed this first hand. As a farmer, enduring drought, fire but has never lost sight of the importance of getting the job done.

As such, please join me in congratulating Glenn Girdler and his wife, Olga. On this sensational effort and being our Trader Of The Month for July.

Well done guys and look forward to a beer with you soon my friend. Great Job!

So what’s stopping you? The training, tools, support, and education are all here. Come check it out for yourself and become part of the Australian Investment Education Eco-System. If you would like to know more about the strategy register for a FREE Live online workshop with Andrew Baxter.

To your trading success

Andrew Baxter

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