Trader of the Month – July 2021

Here is a perfect example of the impact that COVID has had – the ending of one chapter and in this case, the opening of a new one.

Recently there has been a lot of discussion, including on our forum, of Property vs Shares. So many see this as one or the other – Trump vs Biden, Light vs Dark etc and it really doesn’t have to be that way.

In this case our nominee was working as a developer prior to COVID as you can read.

What is particularly interesting is his growth, especially in regard to understanding the psychology of investing and I suspect that this breakthrough alone, will help set him up for a very successful investing future.

Add to that a very handsome $9k of banked profit, just for this month, as well his desire to share his story “to inspire other members” and you can start to see why Jason has taken out this month’s award.


From: Jason Wong
Date: 12 August 2021 at 1:45:35 pm AEST
To: Mitch Olarenshaw
Subject: Trader of the Month Nomination – July 2021

Never thought I would nominate myself as a Trader of the month (July 2021) as I am quite new to share trading. I bought shares in the past using the traditional buy and hold (and pray) strategy. Never really actively traded. However I would like to inspire other members as your strategies really work and the support I received from your team was amazing.  

I joined the AIE family back in October 2020 and learnt Cashflow On Demand. After completing the course and bootcamp, I started doing Covered Calls in November 2020. I promised myself that I would not commence the Advanced Option course until I made the tuition fee back from C.O.D. On reflection, that was silliest thing as Advanced Option opens up so much more opportunities and I am having so much fun the past two months.

I am humbled to say that for the month of July, I have a achieved the following results: 

·        RIO – Long Call: $1,134 Profit. (20.19% Return). 13 days in the market.

·        LLC – Long Call: $2,748 Profit. (48.62% Return). 11 days in the market.

·        BLD – V8: (-$472) Loss. (-5.49%). 36 days in the market.

·        FMG  – C.O.D. : $2,152 (9.87% Return). 51 days in the market.

·        HVN – C.O.D. : $1,044 (4.41% Return).  72 days in the market (an early C.O.D. trade).

·        SYD – C.O.D. : (-$ 2.44) Loss (-0.02%). 125 days in the market (an early C.O.D. trade).

·        WOR – C.O.D.: $225 Profit (1.81% Return). 174 days in the market (an early C.O.D. trade).

·        BXB – C.O.D.: (-$38.17) Loss (-0.35%). 222 days in the market  (an early C.O.D. trade).

·        RIO – Long Call: $2,394 Profit (41.96% Return) 6 days in the market. (Traded it twice!)

Overall – $9,184 Profit for the month.

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt from Advanced Option was Trading Psychology. Before Advanced Options, I had the endowment effect and was holding onto my losing trades. As you can see by the above results, some of the older C.O.D. trades I just held on to them forever (refusing to realise my loss). The real returns were from what I’ve learnt in Advanced Options. The training have taught me to cut my losses, keep the gun powder dry and focus on my Edge Ratio.   

My background is in property development. Due to Covid-19, it has forced me into an impromptu early retirement. With my career temporarily on hold, I was feeling lost. I was desperately looking for something to fulfil my life and to grow. As quoted by Tony Robbin: “Progress equal happiness”. I have found learning AIE’s trading strategies extremely rewarding – not just financially. It has enabled me to discover myself and understand my psychology about money.

I sincerely would like to thank Mitch and Andrew G for all their advice and continuous support for the past 9 months. I look forward to meeting the AIE team in person when travel restrictions ease and when you are able to hold live events again!

Thank you very much and have a great day.

Jason Wong 


During these times of unprecedented uncertainty, we can go into our shell and hope to survive, or we can come out with some well trained strategy and have a decent swing at all that life has to offer.

Jason has most definitely chosen the latter and I would invite all of you to join me in congratulating Jason Wong, Australian Investment Education’s Trader of The Month July 2021.

Many congratulations buddy – not only well deserved but coming from the great place where you choose to live your life, that is helping others.

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