Trader of the Month – June 2019

What a great way to finish this Financial Year with yet another success story. And this month’s Trader of The Month award has given me something to really smile about.

I remember meeting this guy at the preview and then spending two days at bootcamp. And watching him feverishly take notes, ask occasional questions but really think about what he was being taught.

Here is a case for going deep and driving into the extensive Trader Resources tools we provide and then apply the learnings. What’s more these trades are outside of the Cashflow On Demand model. Also reflecting Aleks’ desire to broaden his knowledge.

It’s all in the process and all in all, very considered trades.

From: Alex Kacelov <alex.kXXXX@XXXXXXXX.com>
Sent: Tuesday, 25 June 2019 4:02 PM
To: support@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au
Subject: Aleks Kachelov trades taken in May/June – trader of the month nomination

HI Team,

I have started getting more exposure the the stock market over the last couple of months by taking on more trades. I have to admit it has been a steep learning curve but I am VERY happy with the outcome and hoping this will only improve. Below are my trades for this month:

1. Activision (ATVI)
– Sold ATVI Jun21’19 43 PUT for USD$135 premium
– Return = 3.1%
– Days held = 30

– Sold EBAY Jun21’19 36 PUT for USD$87 premium
– Return = 2.4%
– Days held = 22

3. Intel (INTC)
– Sold INTC Jun21’19 43 PUT for USD$95 premium
– Return = 2.2%
– Days held = 10

4. Afterpay (APT)
– Entered @ $23.64
– Sold 50% @ $25.30
– Return = 7%
– Days held = 4 (still riding the remaining 50% up)

TWS is an awesome tool and I still got some questions but that is for another email. The knowledge learned during boot camp was immensely helpful and I am really grateful for everything you are doing.

Happy trading everyone.



So please join me in congratulating Aleks Kacelov, our Trader Of The Month for June 2019. Well done buddy – we look forward to hearing more of your journey and success.

So with that in mind, what is stopping you? Stepping out of the comfort zone and giving it a go is hard, but the rewards of taking the right actions outweigh this, and some.

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