Trader of the Month – June 2020


Hey guys,

In fact, Running through this month’s nominations. Then, there were several standouts. And one I want to keep up my sleeve until August.

As well as,  it may just surprise you. Such as what’s possible with a smaller account.

However, this month’s trader of the Month is arguably one of the most important lessons to take out. Such as the success Journey.

In Addition, One of my most important mentors. Thus, through my own personal success story. Certainly, has been Tony Robbins, and kudos to the big man. Again, for summing it up so well “Repetition is The Mother Of All Skills”.

Specifically, Another variation of the same is “Amateurs practice until they get it right. And Professionals practice, Until they cannot get it wrong”.  Either way- As a result, you get the picture.

In fact, This month’s nomination is a perfect example, yet again. Hence, That these simple things – get started Usually follow the process. And keep going till you master it.

 Especially, These guys are personally mentoring clients of mine. Also, had the pleasure of a very entertaining session with them both again. Moreover, This week as we continue to witness the journey. Above all, they are on and their determination to see it through.

Even though, when things have gotten tricky. And Their’s no-nonsense approach to pushing through it continues to impress me, and as you know. Also, it takes a bit to move that needle.

As a result, hats off again, for the third month in a row. Since Our June Traders of The Month – Guy and Anne Webber. Thus,  Who’s going to topple them from the throne guys?


From: Anne Webber
Subject: Income for the Month of June 2020
Date: 29 June 2020 at 10:27:47 am AEST
To: Andrew Baxter
Cc: Guy Webber

Hi Andrew,

We hope all well with you, Since, we last spoke. And, have an okay month considering the slight craziness around the end of the second week of June.

Also, had managed to roll down the positions. For instance, where required and/or sell the stock.

Below are our figures for June:

1/6/20 premium $0.81 (2.63%) $243
Strike $31.00
Expiry 11/6/20 (position closed 9/6/20)

3/6/20 premium $0.14 (3.9%) $285.60
Strike $3.62
Expiry 25/6/20 (not exercised)

1/6/20 premium $0.16 (2.95%) $320
Strike $5.50
Expiry 11/6/20 (exercised)

NFLX (sold Put with strike $420)    
4/6/20 premium $5.15 (1.23%) $515USD
Expiry 5/6/20 (put exercised, stock bought)

3/6/20 premium $0.30 (3.02%) $150
Strike $10.50
Expiry 25/6/20 (exercised)

balance received $72.76 (1.25%)

Week ending 5/6/20 $1,814.61 (2.5%) net income

9/6/20 premium $7.10US (1.71%)
Strike $420
Expiry 12/6/20 (not exercised)

9/6/20 premium $0.175 (2.71%) $175
Strike $6.50
Expiry 25/6/20

Balance received $140 (1.29%)

WBC (stock only)   
Bought $19.81, price plummeted
Sold $17.85
Loss of -$628 (-10.5% ouch)

9/6/20 closed position
Loss of -$486 (-5.3%)

Week ending 12/6/20
$1,325.70 (1.92%) Gross income
$211.70 (-2.02%) Net Income

17/6/20 premium $0.08 (1.46%) $160
Strike $5.50
Expiry 18/6/20 (partial exercised)

Sold stock $39 (0.43%)  

18/6/20 balanced received $11 (0.18%)

16/6/20 premium $12.82US (3.09%)
Expiry 19/6/20 (exercised)
Strike $415

19/6/20 premium $0.135 (2.46%) $121.50
Expiry 25/6/20

15/6/20 rolled down position bought back option for $0.01
Sold further calls for $0.125 (1.99%) $125
Expiry 25/6/20

Week ending 19/6/20 $2,329.99AUD (1.92%) Net income

23/6/20 premium $0.15 (1.05%) $64.20
Strike $14.22
Expiry 25/6/20 (not exercised) 

22/6/20 premium $0.65 (1.84%) $130
Strike $35.50
Expiry 2/7/20

25/6/20 balanced received $285 (5.74%)

ZM (sold put with strike of $242.50) 
22/6/20 premium $3.50US (1.44%)

Expiry 26/6/20 (not exercised)

Loss -$410 (-6.4%)

26/6/20 premium $0.22 (1.55%) $88
Strike $14.50
Expiry 9/7/20

Week ending 26/6/20
$1,580.80 (2.3%) Gross income
$1,170.80 (0.87%) Net Income

Gross Total for the month $7,051.10 ($1,762.78 p/w (2.16%) average.
Net Total for the month $5,527.10 (1,381.78 p/w (1.82%) average.

Kind regards
Annie and Guy

Moreover, Key thing here is a focus and getting the job done.  Also, Month in and month out.  And every now and then. Even though, when the ball doesn’t bounce your way, keep going.

In Addition, the Third month in a row underlines the consistency of the process. So that will continue to be the hallmark of Annie and Guy’s success. Particularly, as they explore new stocks within their strategy.

Indeed, So here is your challenge.  Such as, assuming you are up for it – And step up and have a swing!

Specifically, All in good nature of course. But, show us your spirit. Also, take your income flow to the next level.

Especially, to your success. And, once again a resounding. Also a very sincere congratulations to Annie and Guy. Certainly, not only for their hard work. But also to their approach and fun attitude. Thus, Toward getting the job done and business. Since they handled, our Traders of The Month June 2020.

Indeed Now, If you would like to know more about the strategy. And We taught Anne and Guy to register for a FREE Live online workshop with Andrew Baxter.

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