Trader of the Month – March 2022

Trader of the Month

I do hope you are ready for this one!

With the economy getting tougher, the cost of living rising like never before, and a choppier stock market than we’ve seen for a few years. many people are living under a cloud of financial stress or worse are dreading what’s coming.

Not this guy.

When I see our clients, especially the younger ones truly stepping up and setting themselves up for a financially independent future, being proud can sound condescending – it’s not meant that way and I am genuinely proud of how this client has chosen to pick up the ball and run with it.

How about a net 12.4% return for one month – that of March 2022 – a month where the overall market chopped around and returned a shade over 5%.

Peter has been in our program for a relatively short period of time and has made the most of both the teaching and support provided, as well as the opportunity presented by markets.

Stepping up, he’s building skills and confidence, both of which will set him up for a prosperous and more certain financial future than most people out there. Great effort buddy and looking forward to seeing you at our live, face-to-face training next month.


From: Peter Andrinopoulos
Subject: Trader of the Month Nomination – March 2022
Date: 1 April 2022 at 8:20:02 am AEST
To: Australian Investment Education

Hey team I hope you’re all well, I would like to nominate myself for March trader of the month. For someone who is usually fairly passive in their investing, March was a great month for me and really reinforced what AB has said about following a process and not getting emotionally invested or greedy when things are up or down.

Here’s what I got up to:

10/03/2022 – BUY ANZ 19 May $25.00 Call for $1.535 –
Sold on 16/03/2022 for $2.42 – 57.65% profit after 6 days in the market

10/03/2022 – BUY NCM 21 Apr $28.00 Put for $1.87 –
Sold on 16/03/2022 for $2.61 – 39.3% profit after 6 days in the market

14/03/2022 – BUY SEK 19 May $26.50 Call for $2.78 – Sold on 16/3/2022 for $3.595 – 29.32% profit after 2 days in the market

Also per trading advice:

AP V12 – entered on 09/03/2022 for $73.33 net Dr,
sold on 16/03/2022 for net credit of $83.33 = 13.64% profit for 7 days in the market

NCM Put Spread entered 22/03/22 for $0.80 net cr,
sold on 31/03/2022 for net dr $0.31 = 61.25% profit for 9 days in the market

There were also a few trades that didn’t go how I’d planned:
WES Spread entered on 11/01/2022 net cr $2.68 + an additional $1.84 income on 28/01/2022. Something went wrong in this trade and I ended up holding the wrong leg of something. Then WES tanked, bought back my positions on 15/03/2022 for $8.51 = 88% loss. The hit stung a bit, but felt much better for being out early.

Thank you for your support this month as always!

Kind regards


If you aren’t happy with where you are at, then do what Peter has done – step up, take the right action and enjoy the spoils. You can register here and we will take care of the rest.

Meantime, please join me in congratulating Peter Andrinopoulos on his nomination as Australian Investment Education Trader of The Month March 2022. Massive congratulations matey – very well deserved and look forward to hearing of plenty more success from your journey.

If you have yet to, make sure you check out how we help our clients enjoy these kinds of results from the market.

We have a Free LIVE Online Training Workshop happening soon – Register here to learn the same trading strategies!

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