Trader of the Month – May 2020


Hey guys and here we go!!

One of the things that we love to see when it comes down to evaluating the performance of our Traders Of The Month is consistency.

Why? Because consistency more than anything will result in confidence – And the key ingredient to any success.

Moreover, One-hit wonders come and go – Also think about all those one-hit wonders that have to appear on the TV show “I’m a Celebrity” to try and rekindle their non-career!

Furthermore, This Month’s Trader Of The Month is a terrific example of applying the process with almost obsessive attention to detail and low and behold, out pop the results.

In fairness, Most important, I have gotten to know this couple quite well over the past few months through our Personal Mentoring Program and in doing. So, have realised that more than any single attribute, openness to learning is the key to the door of success. And is most certainly the case here with two of the most humble people I have the pleasure to coach.

So check out below, Such as another month (last month (April) was an average of 3.95% PER WEEK.  And for the month of May an average weekly income of $2081 or if you prefer a very healthy 2.87% PER WEEK. Also, reflecting the drop in market Volatility.

At any rate, How does that compare to Cash at The Bank or Your Investment Property?

For those reading this, that are not clients, you could be forgiven for not believing these kinds of numbers, which is a real shame, given the opportunity cost to you of missing out on this. And If you want to get up to speed with what we do, come by one of our training sessions.

Moreover, For those that are clients and already part of our Trading Family. Truly, keep following what we are doing. And make the returns you deserve. And as always, we are happy to help you every step of the way!

So guys, please help me congratulating BACK TO BACK Trader Of The Month Winners, Anne and Guy Webber. Brilliant work guys and this is just the beginning!


From: Anne Webber 
Subject: Income for Month of May
Date: 30 May 2020 at 10:09:21 am AEST
To: Andrew Baxter
Cc: Guy Webber (Gmail)

Hi Andrew,

Had another cracker of a month trading. Please find below our results for May 🙂 

5/5//20 premium $11.36 (2.75%) $1,136 ($1,767AUD)
Strike $425
Expiry 8/5/20 (exercised)
8/5/20 balance received $500US (1.176%)($777AUD)

 5/5/20 premium $0.385 (3.88%) $192
Strike $10.00
Expiry 28/5/20 (not exercised)

5/5/20 premium $0.165 (3.44%) $165
Strike $4.80
Expiry 14/5/20 (not exercised)

A2M (sold Put with strike $18)
8/5/20 premium $0.70 (3.89%) $350
Strike $22.00
Expiry 28/5/20 (put exercised, stock bought)

Week ending 8/5/20 $3,251 (3.027%) income

ZM (sold put with strike of $162.50)    
13/5/20 premium $5.15US (3.17%) $1,581AUD
Expiry 15/5/20 (not exercised)

Week ending 15/5/20 $1,581 (3.17%) income

18/5/20 premium $0.17 (3.67%) $170
Strike $4.80 
Expiry 28/5/20 (exercised) 

18/5/20 premium $0.26 (1.79%) $78 
Strike $14.50
Expiry 28/5/20 (exercised)

ZM (sold put with strike of $162.50)
22/5/20 premium $5.20US (3.2%) $1,594AUD
Expiry 22/5/20 (not exercised)

Week ending 22/5/20 $1,842AUD (2.89%) income

28/5/20 balance received $3 (0.07%)
NFLX (sold put with strike of $410)
27/5/20 premium $4.59US (1.12%) $690AUD
Expiry 29/5/20 (not exercised)

28/5/20 balance received $175 (3.65%)

28/5/20 balance received $220 (3.67%)

28/5/20 balance received $200 (4.55%) 

28/5/20 balance received $200 (3.2%)

29/5/20 premium $0.33 (2.42%) $141.24
Strike $13.76
Expiry 4/6/20

Week ending 29/5/20 $1,651.24 (2.4%) income

On average for the past four weeks we have earn $2,081.31 (weekly) or 2.87% return on our money.

Thanks again for introducing us to this amazing program and we look forward to seeing you at 10am on Friday 5 June.

Kind regards
Annie & Guy Webber

So the Million Dollar Question – how about you?  How are you going – don’t be shy. And be sure to nominate yourself for the Month of June as our Trader of The Month.

Once again, Anne and Guy, congratulations and keep up the great work!

Keep to your training guys, any pullback in this market will simply be a reset for you to be able to go again.

If you would like to know more about the strategy we taught Anne and Guy register for a FREE Live online workshop with Andrew Baxter.

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