Trader of the Month – May 2021

Well, another month and another series of success stories – this one being a very well deserved nomination on so many levels. It’s all too easy when people start slowly or perhaps don’t even start.

To judge them as being not committed or not taking the opportunity seriously.

But do you know the backstory?

This month’s very deserving winner is a true demonstration of character – we aren’t talking about a curveball or setback here. We are talking major life changing events.

Hats off to this man for his refocus. And the diligent application of what we teach and do here.

Having had some pretty serious challenges. As you can read here. Colin has picked up the ball. And started to run with it – hard.

On a gross basis an average return of 48% per trade with 20 winners from 22 trades – great stats on any metric. What’s more, here is a man on a mission – look out!

This is a back story that is very moving – it was a quiet boardroom after we read this submission, let me tell you.



From: Colin Roberts
Subject: Trader of the Month (May2012) nomination
Date: 13 June 2021 at 2:29:04 pm AEST
To: AIE Support Team <support@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au>

I would like to nominate myself for trader of the month (May2021).
Not sure what information you need. Below is tabulated closed positions for the month of May.
At this stage, I usually risk around $1,000 AUD or USD per position.
Happy with May results which closed out 22 positions (20 Wins, 2 Loss) with $3,147USD and $10,498AUD profit. An average return of 48% per position.

My background. I have been with AIE since Sept 2019 however many things got put on hold as my wife became sick again and unfortunately passed away last year. Now it is my son and I starting a new life chapter. I have been slowly getting back on the AIE bus and so far so good. This is the bus I want to stay on as with my situation I can see it being my primary income.

I currently have a building and maintenance business but that is no longer compatible with being around and supporting my son. And I am very please with the content and support from AIE. I can see that AIE is not stagnant and is always looking to improve and add new strategies in the toolbox.

For myself, AIE is great as it will become my primary income and is compatible with my long-term goal of local and overseas travel whist still making an income. AIE is portable.

Thank you to the AIE team and especially the trading support guys Andrew and Mitch.

One of the major advantages of our services here at Australian Investment Education. Is our Client For Life membership. This means that you can work at your own pace. And we are always here to help you – whether you are chomping at the bit or whether you are dealing with some of the challenges. That life can throw your way.

This is a terrific example of how important that structure really is. As a result of his focus, effort, and diligence. Also, please join me in congratulating a very deserving Colin Roberts. On his success and well-deserved recognition of the Australian Investment Education May 2021 Trader of The Month. Many congratulations buddy – we look forward to watching the continued progress of your journey. This is a real inspiration for all that read this – brilliant job and well done matey!

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