Trader of the Month – October 2018

Trader of the Month – October 2018: Another great story for you here of following the process, starting small. And doing it for real, This nomination gives us great pleasure in reading as it reflects many of the stages in the journey that we believe in. Also, here is yet another new client that is starting his journey. For him and his family in the right way, building a firm foundation from which to grow. Indeed, Congratulations Michael on your nomination for Trader of The Month – well done and well deserved – And this is just the beginning!!

Michael joined us less than two months ago. And has taken his first trade – This is not about the dollars, it is about the process and he is sticking to it!

From: michael patruno <******@hotmail.com>
Sent: Monday, 5 November 2018 8:08 PM
To: Australian Investment Education Team
Subject: Trader of the month nomination- Michael Patruno

Hello My name is Michael Patruno,

I’m nominating myself for trader of the month.

Moreover, I Started the AIE- Cashflow on demand course on the 11-9-18
after studying. And completing the online course I bought my first block of 100 shares
on the 8-10-18 and sold a call option on the 9-10-18 these are the details:

In Addition, I bought Under Armor (UAA) for $19.10 per share x 100 = $1,910.
 I sold a November option contract with a strike price of $19.50.with an expiry date of 9-11-18.
The premium was $1.30 per share x 100 = $130
if exercised on expiry another $0.40 per share = $40
Total maximum profit $170
Approximately 9%

As of today, the 5-11-18 share price is currently sitting at $23.70 per share with 4 days to expiry.

I’m really enjoying this journey and looking forward to many more trades in the future. Also, it been such a great learning process and gives me great direction for the future.

Thank you for the opportunity


So that, what does 9% mean to you? Well, one way of looking at it is 4 1/2 years interest at the bank in one month – And by most people’s measure that is a cracking return.

Then Congratulations, Michael, on a well earned title of Trader of the Month October 2018, from all of us in the AIE community.

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