Trader of the Month – October 2019

In Fact, This month is a terrific story. Also, This is a strong lady of farming stock, who has a very driven and focused husband, For Instance, that supports her 100% in their journey together. Such as, Like many clients, placing the first trade and be a real challenge – And just hitting the go button and I know that now she has done this, Also, there will be no stopping her.

In Addition to This trade, she placed it in my boardroom a few weeks ago. And it was so exciting to see that jubilation of conquering fear and just doing it. Besides, With her Husband Harry encouraging her at each step. And Karen took her first Covered Call on Goodman Group. Then, She pulled an income of 1.27% for three weeks. And resold options for a further 1.6%, most likely those will be exercised today.

Therefore, This is a great example of stepping up. And having the courage to follow through and gives me great pleasure in announcing Karen Guerts as our Trader of the Month October 2019.

From: Karen Geurts 
To: support@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au
Subject: Nomination for Trader of the Month

Hi Andrew, 

Thanks so much for helping me to push the button on my first trade.
It has taken a very long time for me to get there. 
The session with you was just what I needed to get me started. 
I’m having fun with it and have put on a couple more trades. 

My first trade ever:- 3rd Oct          
GMG [Goodman Group] – Buy & Write
Entry @ $14.04 x 500
Strike Price @14.50 expired 24th Oct.
Income for the month – 1.27%

2nd call sold for Strike Price of $14.50 for 28th Nov.
Income for this month – 1.6%

Possibly will be able to sell calls for next month also.
STO [Santos] – Buy and Write,
Entry @ $7.99 x 600
Sold Call @ $8.25 for 28th Nov
Income 1.2% for this month
If Exercised 1.6%

BXB [Brambles] from recommendation
Entry @ $12.26 x 400
Sold Call @ $12.43 for 19th Dec
Income 1.5%
If Exercised 2.9%

All trades are still running
Looking forward to learning more.

Karen Geurts

Furthermore, Recognising your achievements, Such as, big or small is an extremely important part of any journey. And Karen took a while to get there. But will no doubt be someone, that we shall be hearing more from as her journey continues.

Please join me in congratulating Karen on this important step in the trading journey.

Well done – very proud of you!

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