Trader of the Month – October 2021

Here we are rapidly approaching the back end of the year and here’s another great story showing just one of the pathways our clients can take.

Going back a while – remember when we could do big live face to face events – I had the pleasure of speaking to an amazing group of people in Sydney. It was a massively busy day and one of the enrolments on the day was this person – well actually this couple.

They both came to the training bootcamp with their newborn – one of their four now – sitting at the front on the left of the room and got stuck into the course, albeit between feeds and nappy changes – let me tell you, that feels like it was yesterday, not 2017!

Roll the clock forward four years and here we are today, very happily sharing their second successful nomination as a Trader of the Month.

This nomination shows several things:
One is the importance of persistence on this journey
Two is the benefits of lifetime support and mentoring
Thirdly the importance to always be upskilling when the time is right. Interestingly, as with all couples, there can be an ebb and flow as to who takes the lead too!

So between juggling Covid, his dental business, 4 young kids and some property development, take a moment to see what Josh has been up to with his trading and join me in congratulating a very deserving Joshua Green as our October 2021 Trader of The Month


From: Joshua Green
Date: 4 November 2021 at 6:07:46 am AEST
To: Australian Investment Education
Subject: Trader of The Month

Dear Mitch,

Thank you to the AIE Team, Mitch, Andrew G and Andrew B for the last few years of trading advice, weekly education and the podcast this year too.

We took the advanced options face to face program in 2019 and have mostly stuck with bought calls over the last few years using RSI and seasonal data for entry and exit.I’ve had some great trades, some shockers, several really good months and a few down times too – but I have managed to grow my account and learn a lot along the way. The Advanced options community has been great to be part of.

It’s been fun applying the different strategies you guys have taught us and this month I put my first Strangles to good use based on variations of Advanced Options recommendations.

Thanks guys for the recs. Thanks Mitch for the Straddle recs, and thanks to Andrew Gibbs for giving me confidence to on occasion vary my trades slightly from the recs.These were my October trades:

STRATEGY = Strangle on earnings
BOUGHT LEGS (put and call): @ $0.89
SOLD LEGS (puts only): @ $4.03
ROI: 352%

STRATEGY = Bought Calls
BOUGHT CONTRACTS: November 19 450 Call @ $9.27
SOLD CONTRACTS: November 19 450 Call @ $12.51
ROI: 35%

STRATEGY = Bought Calls
BOUGHT CONTRACTS: November 19 375 Call @ $7.93
SOLD CONTRACTS: November 19 375 Call @ $13.5
ROI: 70%

STRATEGY = Strangle on earnings
BOUGHT LEGS (put and call): @ $0.94
SOLD LEGS (puts only): @ $3.61
ROI: 284%

STRATEGY = Bought Calls rolled and sold at a loss
BOUGHT CONTRACTS: October 29 150 Call @ $6.01
SOLD CONTRACTS: October 29 150 Call @ $3.52
PROFIT: – 41%

I carried a few other trades and rolled out a couple of others to gain more time and hoping to see them deliver too.

Thanks again guys for your excellent work.

Josh Green

These are great trades and reflect a real growth in both Josh’s knowledge and confidence and these two attributes more than anything are what can determine your success or failure in markets.

Again, massive congratulations buddy – very well deserved! Please all help us congratulate Joshua Green on his success in the markets and as the Australian Investment Education Trader of The Month October 2021. I’m very much looking forward to my one on one coaching session with him.

We have a Free LIVE Online Training Workshop happening soon – Register here to learn the same trading strategies!

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