Trader of the Month – September 2020

Yet again another blistering success story.

Take a moment to check this out in an environment when most people are experiencing financial stress and duress, and seeing their hard-earned savings either diminish in value or simply return nothing by being in cash, this man has been ringing the bell.

In Addition, As part of our education program, this guy has been diligently learning how to get his money working hard, as well as leaning on the support we provide our members and his results.

Well, As a result,  speak for themselves. And when I say speak for themselves, how about the banked profit of 64% over just 7 weeks?

Was he lucky and just hit a home run?

No – this was achieved through a broad range of trades that met our criteria and what we teach and this is what drives us as an organisation, helping people like Daniel get their money working hard is what the game is all about, and lets face it, 64% profit  in just 7 weeks is not a bad game to be playing!

Trader of the Month - September 2020


From: Daniel McIntyre
Subject: Re: TOTM Nomination
Date: 26 October 2020 at 9:50:01 am AEST
To: Trading Desk <trading@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au>

Hi Mitch 

Thanks for the email, I didn’t send in a nomination as I thought that there were better results by others than the numbers I had achieved, however here are my numbers. 

My Trades since 8th September (these were all long calls)

NEE – 69% profit, 7 days in the market.  
ABT – 8% profit, 23 days. 
AAPL – 19% profit, 10 days 
SBUX – 20% profit, 7 days. 
MCD – 60% profit, 8 days. 
LLY – 52% profit, 9 days. 
NEE – 54% profit, 2 days. 
MDLZ – 71% profit, 5 days. 
PEP – 57% profit, 5 days. 
SBUX – 14% profit, 8 days. 

That’s a 64% profit over 7 weeks. 

I want to say a massive thank you to the trading crew, Andrew Baxter, Andrew Gibbs and Mitch Olarenshaw, and also to Lindsay and Brenna in the office for taking my many phone calls (sorry ladies), as without you guys and girls and the fantastic support that you have provided none of this would have even been possible for me to achieve. I am forever grateful for the knowledge that you have shared with me to enable me to start on the road to potentially set myself up for financial freedom!!

Daniel McIntyre 

There you have it – action steps leading to rewards once again validates the expression that life only rewards action takers.

So please join me in congratulating Daniel McIntyre on his success as our September 2020 Trader Of The Month.

Brilliant work my friend and look forward to being a part of your continued success

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