Trader of the Month – September 2022

Hold onto your hat for this one! So the past 10 months have been a miserable time for most investors and statistically, September is pegged as being the worst month of the year. The US market dropped by a further 9.3% for example just in September 2022.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

This family man joined us a few years ago – as a matter of fact, he was a Trader of The Month winner way back in February 2021. No question about it, a lot has happened since then, in life, in the economy and in the market and Josh has continued to grow his knowledge, confidence and trading expertise, moving into some of the more advanced areas of options work.

This effort and focus has clearly paid off in spades for him, particularly when you see that his account has gained 82.94% or if you prefer dollars and cents, after all, you cant eat percentages, that is a very tidy $171,649 PROFIT for the month.


From: Joshua Yeo
Subject: Nomination for trader of the month September 2022
Date: 5 October 2022 at 4:35:08 pm AEST
To: Trading Desk <trading@australianinvestmenteducation.com.au>

Hi Team,

I had a phenomenal month in September and thought I would nominate myself for trader of the month to inspire the community that despite a volatile/bad market there are still plenty of opportunities out there. It was not easy getting to a point of consistent monthly results, thought of giving up many times however I am glad I stuck to it and continued to refine what I have learnt from you guys, being as disciplined as possible with risk management and learning mental resilience when trades don’t go to plan especially when its due to not being disciplined in risk management.

I have attached my September statement as well.

Kind Regards,
Joshua Yeo

Now of course there will be the naysayers out there that claim “not possible” and one thing I’ll say is that for as long as you actually believe it’s not possible, you’ll be absolutely right. Money only flows to people who are open, and people who are teachable. Josh has shown himself to be both open and teachable and is reaping the rewards.

With what’s happening in the economy, right now, there really hasn’t been a more important time for you to learn how to insulate yourself from economic pain. And if you are thinking – well the stock market is falling so why invest – it fell more than 9% yet look at the profits Josh just banked…

What an incredible month and with $171k in profits banked, please join me in congratulating Josh Yeo on his success as Australian Investment Education Trader of The Month September 2022.

Massive congratulations buddy – very well deserved.

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