Trading and Investing Summit

Trading and Investing Summit
Trading and Investing Summit

Each year tens of thousands of new investors. And get started in the stock market and sadly. All too often, things don’t work out for them. That is why we have built, developed, and deliver Trading and Investing Summit.

Trading and Investing Summit 2016

Trading and investing Summit is a pure content event – something of a welcome change from the typical “multi-speaker” pitch-a-thons that you may have been to in the past.

We developed this to fit a need in the market – your needs

• Where can you find all the stock market information you need in one place?

• Once you have that information what do you do next with it?

• How to make all the information seamlessly link together, rather than contradict and confuse?

• What steps can then taken to play at an even higher level?

• Making sure all content and action plans are in plain English and can be followed by just about anybody

The answer is Trading and Investing Summit. We took our entire trading team away and pretty much locked them in a room – it did have a nice view – with just a white board, and didn’t let them out until the DNA of this live training event was not just laid out, but fully integrated to provide a curriculum based learning experience.

To be honest, we surprised ourselves.

Real Life Professional Trading Experience

Given the multi-decades of real life professional trading experience we have, and then the decades of investor education that we have provided, the result was staggering and a first for Australia; A full three days of genuine, wealth building education and empowerment. All of this delivered in an easy to follow game plan format that can be used in the real World of markets and this stuff works. It really works.

Trading and Investing Summit is a live three day trader and investor training event, which we will be hosting in Melbourne, Australia from the 25th to 27th of November. To find out more information or to register click here

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