Why the recent fall in the stock market is the best thing that could have happened…Really!

ASX Market Crash 2016

ASX Market Crash 2016

There is no question that 2016 has gotten off to a negative and bumpy start for many stock market investors. The reality is, this is about the best thing. That could have happened and is precisely what we have been waiting for.


With the share market falling hard at the start of this year. A lot of the risk is being let out. Think about a balloon that has been over-filled. It needs to be handled very carefully or could pop at any given time. Well the stock market has been very much like this, both here in Australia and in the US.

With prices at lower levels, a big chunk of risk has now gone!

A sarcastic response to this would be that with lower prices. Shares have less room to fall – true of course, but not exactly what we mean!

Do you remember playing this, when you were a kid?

Instead, think of a big elastic band – you and a friend are pulling in opposite directions. And at some point, you both know it is going to snap back to its regular length. And you also know it is going to sting when it does -remember?

Well a lot of the snap has now happened and the risk is much lower. Locally we have seen mining stocks get decimated, on the back of falling commodity prices and again. Also have put out a lot of reports and briefs to help investors avoid jumping onto the wrong opportunities. Just because they are great value.

This has been a major time bomb waiting to go off for the Australian market. And has taken another layer of risk out of the way.

So where is the opportunity?

Well in times of turbulence, many investors either run for the hills or curl up in a ball and take what is coming. Both not good! Instead, now is exactly the time to get educated. And to learn how to not simply survive but actually thrive, financially.

The reality is there are huge opportunities for banking profits in the current market and chances are you are missing them.

We are currently seeing big opportunities to generate income or cash flow on demand. And we want to help you take advantage of these conditions, both here, and in the US. In fact, we even offer a “done for you” opportunity. So all the hard slog of managing your money can be outsourced.

And while we are talking about opportunity…

Equally important, is to learn exactly how to minimise your risks, afterall opportunity and risk can be opposite sides of the same coin.

So how can you benefit from this?

We want to share with you the exact processes and techniques we’re using live in the market, so you can see, first hand, how you can be doing this. And we want to also share with you exactly how we manage risk, so you can enjoy that precious sleep at night factor. We also want to share with you a process that you can follow, in simple steps, to get the outcome you deserve.

Our gift to you

We are inviting you to attend, free of charge, a live training session. Here we will share with you exactly how, what and why – a paint by numbers approach – that just about anyone can follow, to be capitalising on the opportunity that is currently here with the stock market.

Believe me, this opportunity will not be around for long, as the educated investors, once again, get to take advantage of the turmoil, while everyone else is still on the sidelines, trying to work out what is going on.

Create Your Own Income SYDNEY – MELBOURNE – BRISBANE 2016

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Create Your Own Income

As a bonus, for attending on the night, we will also give you a free E-Copy of our latest book to be published for Winning in the Marketplace, which will re-enforce the great information you gather on the night.

This opportunity will fill quickly, so please make sure you book your seats now to avoid disappointment and miss out on the current opportunity in the market.

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