Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Free course

Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Free course

What you can learn from McDonalds and apply to today’s high tech market leader?

Last week I shared some of the research findings from my trip to the US. I mentioned, in passing Tesla Motors. Let me give you a quick heads up – and I mean quick. This machine goes from zero to 100/no points on your license in a punchy 3.2 seconds. I took it for a […]

Looking at the future up close and now

This week I have had the opportunity to spend some time in Southern California. And man it has been an eye opener. Technology and the use of it is so mainstream and so far ahead. That it really shines a light on several investment themes – themes that we have been using to bank profits […]

How to trade the US markets from Australia

The Australian ASX200 leading market index gained 14.9% in 2013. According to a study conducted by the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) (ASXReport). For the 20 years up to 2012, the Australian shares had returned 8.7% per annum. The gains in 2013 are a 71% increase on the 20 year average! But despite this spectacular return, […]

Did the dog wag its tail, or the tail wag its dog.com?

The past couple of weeks have been an interesting spot for observation – when it comes not to the market. But people’s pattern of behaviour. Go away in May, sell in May. Smart money closing out etc – are all self fulfilling prophecies – maybe? Looking at the markets right now – one of the […]

How do you get to enjoy the very latest in trading technology?

The business of trading and investing has not really changed since the Dow Jones first changed way back in 1896. Buy low, sell high and make a profit! What has changed beyond recognition, Is the way trading is conducted. When I started my career, open outcry – floor based trading – was still the mainstay […]

Facebook Stock Forecast 2014 – Do you want to be right, or do you want to be rich?

Like, Comment One of the biggest mistakes of our outrageous predictions last year, was Facebook, where we expected the stock to stay in a $27/29 range. We couldn’t have got it any more wrong if we tried, which in itself is quite funny, as you will see below. So where did the growth come from? […]

Outrageous Predictions 2014 – The Rise and Rise of ETFs

There is a new method of investing in the stock market. Reducing the Risk associated with direct company investment. And providing easy access to global markets, sectors and commodities. It is Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs. But they have been around for more than 20 years! An Exchange Traded Fund is an investment fund traded […]

Apple Stock Forecast 2014 – Opportunity For The Faithful!

Our 2014 outrageous prediction for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) 2013 has been an interesting year for the Consumer giant as it has for the company’s shareholders. With huge pressure and expectation in the two years since Steve Jobs passed away, the business has continued to make inroads on a massive scale, as only Apple can. From […]

20% gain off Google’s $1,000 high – Trade of the week

Google (Code GOOG) is a technology company. That builds products and provides services to organize information and make it universally accessible and useful. It provides Search, Product Listing Ads, Search plus Your World, Google Now, and Google Knowledge Graph. The company also offers AdWords, AdSense, Google Display, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and YouTube. In addition, it […]